Anonymous project RANDOM, presented as the lottery based on Ethereum blockchain, announces the limited distribution of the investing tokens among interested parties of crypto society and crypto funds.

The process of token distribution will be implemented in the form of Initial Coin Offering an opportunity to buy a limited amount of investing tokens.

Benefits of token possession:

  • Token holder receives permanent remuneration in Ethereum cryptocurrency from directing each of Random lotteries — 0.001 %.
  • The payments are committed automatically using the smart contract without any sort of interference by the Team.
  • Payments are made as long as RINVEST token is being kept at a wallet of its owner.

RINVEST is ERC20 Token. There is a possibility to commit transfer or sale of the token at trading platforms.

The amount of RINVEST tokens is limited to 2 500. Additional emission is not foreseen.

Pre-Sale RINVEST Token

18.04.2018–18.05.2018–1 month

Sale: 500 RINVEST

Bonus — 100% (1+1) — 500 RINVEST are provided as a reward for purchases

Price for 1 RINVEST = 1 ETH


From 18.05.2018 — for an unlimited period of time

Sale: 1 500 RINVEST

Price for 1 RINVEST = 1 ETH

General information:

1. It is necessary to exchange cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH (on the choice) at Random official site https://mr-r.io/ to become RINVEST holder.

2. The period of token receiving after an exchange is 12 hours.

3. The cost of one RINVEST Token is 1 ETH. The token can only be sent to its owner in the expression of integer number.

4. The period of token sale is not limited.

5. Maximal amount of collected funds is 2 000 ETH. Hard cap is not set.

6. All the funds collected via RINVEST Token sale will be used for marketing and PR purposes for increasing the blockchain-based lottery Random participants number.

For more information check out news at official:

  1. Mr.Random Twitter: @Mr_Random_io
  2. Official website: https://mr-r.io/
  3. Medium: https://medium.com/@randomlottery
  4. Telegram Channel: https://t.me/random_news
  5. Telegram Chat: https://t.me/mr_random_chat


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The fairest lottery from all existing at the moment, based on the Ethereum Blockchain

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