A moment in the life of…

So. There I was, finally nearing home, my dear darling home sweet home, after what could only have been described as a near excruciatingly painful day at work. So pretty much an average day when you come to think of it really.

If it wasn’t apparent by now, it should be noted that the sun had long since set and it was quite dark. The Ceylon Electricity Board in all their wisdom and foresight had not turned the street lights on yet and so, it was quite dark.

Starved to a point of ravenous and tired to a point of sociopathic apathy, I finally neared my gate. A nice warm dinner in my hand, the smell of which had been wafting up from the bag during the entire walk down the road. It was just crying out to be devoured ravenously and I was not intending on disappointing it.

As I reached the gate it was quite plain to see that nobody was at home, they main factors that gave that away was the house being in abject darkness and the gate being quite firmly padlocked. At this point, I recalled my dear mother telling me that day in the morning as I rushed out of the house, dead late, that she will only be getting home very late and for me to make sure I’d taken the house keys. I also fondly recall informing her with the utmost of confidence that I had the keys in my bag and was not in fact, a complete imbecile.

That thought left me with a smug smile as I rummaged in my bag for the keys.

Hear the keys jingle.

Smugness intensifies.


Locate the keys.

Wrong Keys.

Gate remains ominously locked.

Scream inside.

Decide to scale gate.

Can’t be that difficult.

Bad Idea.

Darling Dog sees me and starts barking madly. Unnecessary attention from the passersby is drawn to me. Spend the next few minutes informing people that I am in fact the owner and not a burglar as they thought.

Scrap idea of scaling gate.

Enter neighbours house. Sheepishly ask if I could climb side wall. Clamber up the wall. Slip. Keep going. Realize I should have taken my shoes off first. Remove them. Lose balance and fall of the side. Land on my feet. Should have been wearing the shoes. Manage to get in the premises. Use the set of keys I did have to open the back door. Could swear that even the dog was laughing at me.

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