Lemme tell you somethin’ kid

“Hey. Hey kid, lemme tell you something kid. Listen up. Coz its a doozy. You gotta keep smilin’ kid. You gotta keep going on. It ain’t about the times you fell. It’s about how long you took to get yourself up outta that hole and keep moving. You see kid, that’s the trick right there. That’s where it’s decided whether you’ve lost or not. Don’t let yourself think that falling is the same as loosing coz that ain’t it at all kid. The world is gonna try and trick you kid, it’s gonna try and trick you into thinking that you’ve lost the moment you fall down. But don’t you let it. Falling’s just another part of life and it certainly hurts like a mother when you do, but the funny thing is, you’ve only really lost when you fall and don’t get right back up again. So get back up kid. Get back up and show the world that you ain’t a quitter.”