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Your math doesn’t quite work out. See screenshot below. This is the new normal for Denver. Your minimum bill is $4.95 the moment you step in my car. That doesn’t sound that bad until you see how it breaks down.

If I was consistently busy this would be feasible. But that’s not what actually happens. This is Saturday night just after the fare drop.

Those are downtown driving trips. That means one way streets, jockeying for position and traffic. This is not easy or pleasent. This is stressful busy and often dangerous. I enjoy it because I get to meet amusing people but the pay barely makes up for risk.

I spoke with my fares yesterday and Noone had received any emails, texts or app notifications of the new prices. Drivers similarly were not told until they attempted to sign in and had to agree before being allowed to work. Speaking with drivers on Sherpashare revealed the same lack of communication around the country.

I can only guess at Ubers motivation for such behavior because of its constant obfuscation and corporate babblese. To be honest this seems like a move to encourage drivers to quit.

A Saturday night just last month would have been a hundred dollar night for me. In non winter months 150–200. The rates were not that much higher even but I was constantly busy.

So yeah this Saturday was complete bust. Not because the new rates suck, they do, but because the supply outstripped demand. A few more weeks of the suck and a lot of drivers will quit and I’ll go back to my reasonable earnings.

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