August reads

The Mysterious Affair at Styles — Agatha Christie (1st Poirot book) Found it difficult to warm to the characters, and kept on thinking of Poirot as per David Suchet.

The Nightmare — Lars Kepler (2nd book) Quick thriller read; a little too explicit in some of the gorier scenes but did not detract from the story’s good pace. Felt quite Scandinavian in its descriptions (dead pan, matter of fact). Liked it.

Family Life — Akhil Sharma One sitting reading — sad but dispassionate; at times funny.

Potty Training in One Week — Gina Ford Yes, I have a toddler! No, I have not tested the method as baby doesn’t meet all the ‘requirements’ yet.

Deliciously Ella — Ella Woodward (of blog fame) Blog and app have excellent recipes.

Pre-August reads include: I Let You Go — Claire Macintosh (5/5) Wonderful book.

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