Snakes and Ladders
jo livingstone

Careful, your fascism is starting to show. I thought the academic left always tried to hide that.

Someone disagrees with the totalitarian ideology of feminism. Gosh, he even supports men’s rights, perhaps recognising in the world of English culture and most Northern European culture at least women now have more legal rights than men, that all government bias by sex is against men and that most disparities in outcomes favour women, yet government programmes only address women.

To avoid the typical denial of ignorant feminists I will give an example of each. Men have no reproductive rights, positive or negative (legal rights); official domestic violence policies are based on the feminist myth of the male perpetrator and female victim, despite statistics suggesting that women are at least as likely as men to initiate violence (government bias); more women than men now take degrees in many scientific disciplines, yet while women are encouraged into physics men are not pushed towards biology.

So, a single academic has the temerity to ignore feminism and instead address what he sees as genuine sexism, and he must be condemned and humiliated instead of addressed with sound arguments. In the most bizarre and disappointing twist the main criticism appears to be for objecting to propaganda and insisting on data when addressing feminism.

Academia fell far when it accepted feminist dogma.

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