How to make NFT more human?

  1. Art with signature — “Hybrid” projects on OpenSea
  • The physical products are certified by: signature of artist / serial number / signed COA;
  • The information for receiving the physical products are in the Unlockable content that can be only viewed by the owners.
  • Case 1: Works of an Italian artist. The works are signed by the artist and with a serial number (ex:001). The works are not listed for sale however. In the account’s description: The owner of the NFT has to redeem the physical product within 12 month from the first buying date. So if you resell the NFT, you have to send the physical product (if you got it) or the Redeem code to the new customer. [5]
  • Case 2: Oil and acrylic painting in both digital and physical forms. This is its description: Original signed oil and acrylic painting on 20 x 16 inch canvas board/panel. Comes with a signed COA. All of the NFTs in this collection will include unlockable content with the email address/twitter account to send your delivery address details to receive the physical artwork. [6]
  • Metacask: Such project reshapes the alcohol industry by tokenizing physical assets. A NFT on blockchain provides a verifiable and transparent proof of ownership. [7] The NFT owner will be able to sell your cask NFTs freely, or request a delivery order and burn the NFT. [8]
  • UniCask: A Japanese whiskey project features each cask with 100 units issued. The owner of the NFT can receive part of the bottling result (bottled whisky) when the cask is bottled. For example, The Hanyu 2022 cask will be bottled in 2032. [9]
  • NFT and physical world are parallel universes. It’s possible to benefit both of them, but there’s no legal framework or any mechanism that ensures the transactions of the physical part.
  • NFT marketplace is a newly emerged platform that allows us to express the notion of saving humanity, and hopefully bring awareness for the metaverse fans.
  • Crafts intellectual property on blockchain needs to be further investigated, record traditional artisans’ history and bring real benefit to the craftsmen community should be the ultimate goal.



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