What Services Does A SEO Consultant Offer

Have you been wondering what a SEO consultant does to their clients’ websites? Well, this is a normal question because you certainly are curious how advantageous the consultant’s services are. What consultants do is complex. They have to manage multiple things at once. So, you can be sure that they have to be very skillful to develop your web and improve the SEO.

Consultants start their works by keyword research. It means identifying and researching the keywords in order to produce the best possible results for their clients’ websites. Good keyword has criteria such as relevant to clients’ business, is searched a lot and also isn’t being heavily targeted by other websites. Once the keyword research is performed, they continue by analyzing the web using Google Analytics. It is necessary in order to review the past performance to see the negative or positive trends as well as opportunities for improvement.

Consultants use the Webmaster Tools Analysis from Google to review the current status and history of their clients. It’s important to figure out the potential technical issues of the clients’ sites. Another important analysis is Link Profile analysis. It’s the duty of the consultants to tell the clients about the spammy links that point to their sites. This kind of links should be removed to improve the sites’ reputation and quality. Site audit is also performed by the consultants. The audit is performed on the following items like webpage load speed, internal linking, meta description tags, title tags, URL structure, and also the web content.

Following the audit is initial optimization that includes code overhaul, website redesign, link disavowal and removal, link building, link monitoring, competitor research and also brand monitoring. This is a whole process that has to be performed properly by the SEO consultant in order to improve the client’s website.

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