I pay very close attention to three leading indicators that something is wrong. They are: sleep, food, and exercise. Sleep is almost always the leading indicator that something is off. If I am not falling asleep easily, waking up in the middle of the night for hours on end, and/not waking up feeling refreshed, I start debugging.

Easy fixes include: I have not exercised in the last few days and/or I am eating crap. …

We humans like our things just so. We like familiar and safe settings, so it stands to reason that we are incentivized to create work environments that reflect our desire for stability and safety. This becomes a problem over time when everyone is feeling so gosh darned safe that we forget this is business and part of business is inventing new and interesting products and processes. My experience is the art of the possible does not evolve in steady state.

Every 1.5 years, I go on a quest within a team to change the status quo. I mix things up. Phil is running Infra? Great, Phil is now running mobile. That Tuesday morning sync meeting that we’ve been having for 18 months? Gone. I am not willy nilly burning things to the ground. Phil wants to run mobile. I’m certain a group of well-intentioned humans will invent a new Tuesday meeting. However, by adding a little entropy to the system, I am getting the humans to shift their perspective. They need to remember this is a valuable skill and that their desire for order is preventing them from…

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Hi. I hear you’re interested in playing Fortnite. Sweet. I think it’s a bunch of fun. I am going to only talk about the Battle Royale 100 PVP as it is the only mode that I’ve played. There’s a PVE mode – I forgot what it’s called.

Before we start:



Michael Lopp. VP of Engineering at Slack. I favor bridges, critical thinking, and Mac'n'Cheese.

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