What’s Wrong With This Sponsored FB Post?
Emma Lindsay

“Love myself” sounds good, but what’s “myself”? Again, it’s easy to confuse “myself” with my identity, and try to love my identity. That often means pampering myself and buying me the products I think and feel I want.

One way to distinguish them is thinking of myself as the actor, rather than the character. The actor isn’t attached to anything the character has or wants or aspires to be, he just enjoys playing the part. As the actor, I enjoy playing the part of wanting stuff just as much as I enjoy playing the part of having stuff (which leads to wanting more, better or different.) Sure, being pampered is an easier role to play. Challenge is good, too.

Another is to create a purpose in life and commit to it and then be about fulfilling the purpose. I’m not a character. But I easily see others as characters, and then think I’m one of them. Returning to my purpose helps stop my mind from wondering about “who I am” as a character. (My purpose is here.)

Many businesses don’t intentionally focus on strengthening the character. They merely fall into the sloppy, lazy thinking that sees us as characters. You’re right, they then both exploit that and reinforce that.

If I can distinguish myself from my character, distinguish myself as the actor, I have choice about it.