Trigger warnings are infantile and suggest that any one person is owed kindness or empathy from…
Onyx THX

The article compared trigger warnings with spoiler alerts. No one is mandated to provide either. No one is mandated to be polite. A trigger alert is merely a new social convention.

Complaining about the lack of a trigger warning is merely free speech. It’s not asking anyone to censor themselves, just to do a little sign-posting.

We have lots of safe spaces. We can’t say “bomb” in an airport or “fire” in a movie theatre. Guns are prohibited in various places. We disallow physical pushing and hitting pretty much everywhere. We don’t sneak up on people and scream at them.

In general, most of our whole culture is safe- at least mine is, in the SF bay area, especially during the day. Campuses even ensure safety with services to walk people to cars or home at night.

Kudos that your counseling cured you. What does that have to do with others? You barely know what your experience was like and how it effected you. You have no idea what others experiences were like or what it did to them.

You also have no idea how much counseling people have done. Lots and lots of people still have significant problems after counseling.

And none of this has anything to do with feminism.

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