This Land Ain’t Your Land. This Land is My Land.
Emjay Em

TRump doesn’t bother me. Partly because I don’t want to be bothered- then the terrorists win. And partly because many top Republicans have bailed, Hillary still seems to have a lead, her funding seems to be healthy.

Plus, I see tons of anti-TRump messaging. What I don’t see is a lot of non-TRumpsters protesting and yelling. But I figure that’s what makes most of us different from them, we actually value thinking instead of being run by our emotions.

I don’t see the use in getting emotional. If we attack them, they just defend themselves with more energy, thus increasing their resolve. As you said, they voted for Bush twice, to the huge detriment of the country. If they outnumber us, we might be doomed.

I say “might be”, because it’s possible we could get through to enough of them to make TRump’s loss certain. It might take CBT or some other creative solution…

It might also be that many of us are white, so we might be relatively safe. Either way, I prefer not to be scared unless it’ll help…

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