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Italy: The Letter

Gimmie a ticket for an airplane…

The people at the office said "No one flies to Milan!" when I said I didn’t want to rent a car and drive there from…

One Happy Customer is Worth Millions

A Happy Customer is Worth Millions in Advertising & Social Media

A tale of two companies: One didn’t answer my emails sent to the…

The Attention Economy

Stealing your life, one second at a time

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The Turnaround (part seven)

The plan was pretty simple.

A timeline would be created and modified to entrap the… what? They were not counterfeiters, the wines were real…

The Turnaround (part six)

Three women walk into a bar, but they are really only one.

Danni is 18 in corporeal terms, but she could be any age in actual being. My memories…

The Turnaround (part five)

Mo nodded goodbye and turned the SUV around at the end of the long driveway, after leaving my pack with someone who came out of the bungalow there. As we walked…

The Turnaround (part four)

She motioned to a couch and said “Wait here. My assistant will come to collect you shortly.”

The Turnaround (part three)

Jet lag had me up at dawn looking at the sunrise behind the Bangkok skyline.

The first thing I thought of was the message I had received two…

The Turnaround (part two)

(Read part one first)

On the way home, I pondered what had happened and tried to understand why. The most obvious theory was that she didn’t want…

The Turnaround (part one)

As I got in the train, a group of about 15 people were swarming around my window seat babbling away. If you’ve experienced this, you are familiar with the mantra…