Produce your papers, Trumps
Jeff Jarvis

Horse race analysis and strategy.

This is endemic to politics, but it misses the point, worse, it obscures the point:

What kind of world do you want to live in? Braggadocio and production line-quality hate mongering, or the business of politics as usual on either side of the aisle.

Those who see the former as a remedy to “shake things up” and eschew the latter haven’t looked to history for precedents. If you’re tired of hearing about Hitler, see the 1957 movie “a Face in The Crowd” :

a Face in the Crowd

The movie, before social media and reality shows were imagined, offers insight into our current situation and brings us majestral performances by Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal. If you haven’t seen this, you don’t know Griffith had an amazing gift for dramatic acting.

These little attacks are beside the point. They seem to me to trivialize the more important danger. Like the proverbial rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, whatever the sins of any candidate, we need to look forward and ask ourselves the first question, “What kind of world?” Or to put the 2016 election into my own words,

Shit just got real!
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