Watching Violent TV Series doesn’t mean I want to Live in One

I watched Banshee and was sad to see it go.

I watched Sons of Anarchy and was sorry to see that end.

I watched The Sopranos, and enjoyed it for years.

Maybe you watch The Living Dead, American Horror Story, or other shows that create worlds of fear and hate.

As much as the dramatisation of those fictional universes is thought-provoking and entertaining, contemplative of moral choices and bad decisions, I wouldn’t want live in the worlds of Banshee, Charming or wherever in New Jersey Tony reigned.

Just as I don’t want to live in an atmosphere where the leader of a nation cultivates fear, xenophobia and hatred. Whatever other faults a prospective leader may have, I can live with, but not with the constant campaign of explicit hate-mongering. I can’t live with someone responsible for potentially wielding so much power while propagating fear for a personal agenda. It transcends my like of a party or a personna.

This is my biggest complaint

That you like a personality or detest the bad things any politician has done is a personal and subjective judgement. That you think one person can make a huge change for the better is, too.

But can you live with the daily pollution of every aspect of life to achieve these goals and vague promises?

I can’t.

Please don’t waste your vote out of some misplaced bitterness. You can make a difference by voting. If you don’t, it’s likely to be Banshee of a whole different nature.