10 things I’m doing to lose more weight
Ben Werdmuller

Losing excess weight

Ben Werdmuller I have been through much of the same logic. A few years ago, I published a collection of 101 tiny ideas. Seconds and smaller servings were some of it, but here are a few more:

Explore new spices

Mindfulness: Keep the food in your mouth longer and chew more consciously, stop eating when thinking hard about work.

Drink bubbly water.

Cook more, and use the foods that work for you. For me that would be broccoli, cauliflower rice, quinoa.

My addictive personality is easily swayed by the worst junk foods, I like salty, sweet chili flavored chips. Realise that this stuff has sugar and sugar is poison. Find your nemesis and vow to never, ever buy it again. Walk away.

Every stairwell is an exercise machine, use it at every opportunity. Get off transit a stop early and walk the rest. When on a long phone call, get up and pace if possible.

Count your nuts: almonds or cashews are good in small amounts.

The book talks about fat, which isn’t fashionable now, but if you ignore that, there are still many valid things I’ve used that work. Personally, I am an omnivore but choose to eat fat in moderation.

All proceeds from the book are donated to The Hunger Project, an organization that fights world hunger. It seemed appropriate that a book for those who have more than enough to eat might help those who do not have enough.

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