Wendell Berry Against Your GPS
Marc Barnes

Some great thinking and observations here, but will this movement continue to prevail, or will there come a point when it cannot sustain itself? Advertising is losing daily the tolerance people have had for it on phone and desktop. While I laughed at a comic saying the the Thomas Brothers, famous editors of the Los Angeles maps we used to navigate that collection of 200 cities, were out of work, thanks to GPS, I see dozens of people on foot with paper maps. The look at the map, then squint at the street signs, then back to the map. I suppose they’re tourists without roaming.

The frightening part to me isn’t the loss of analog skills. I’ve never had the slightest sense of direction, so GPS is an absolute life saver for me. But when you write…

…it hits home. And the emotional skills: while most of us have noticed and joked about it, I do wonder what life will be like for people who are now in their early 20’s, in about 25 years? If the Internet isn’t accessible for five minutes, is it going to be like the scene in Being There where Peter Sellers is out in the world, pressing the TV remote, trying to alleviate a painful situation?

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