Pulling a Kickstarter campaign together & keeping it poppin’.

Hellsa cheesin’ with my recently popped egg.

My friends at Kickstarter launched a creative prompt called #Make100 to jump-start 2017. Artists and creators of all stripes are encouraged to make 100 of anything from limited editions to experiences.

Maybe you thrive under creative constraints, or maybe you’re just excited that we’ll be shouting Make 100 projects from the rooftops all month long. Either way, consider this your nudge to get creating.

My idea for the #Eggcentennial came from an impromptu sous vide talk I gave at Kickstarter HQ last year. Sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and is a cooking method that utilizes a temperature controlled water bath. Foods like steak are vacuum sealed in plastic bags and cooked evenly throughout.


The method was introduced in 1799 by a physicist named Ben Thompson. It didn’t really gain any traction until the 1960’s when French and American engineers wanted to industrialize food preservation. It was controversial due to its low-temperatures, which are referred to the ‘danger zone’ in food safety standards. Sous vide is the secret to how fine dining restaurants crank out such tender meats.

Why eggs? Eggs don’t need to be vacuum sealed. They come prepped and ready to cook in their shells. I also get this satisfaction from popping egg yolks. Sure, you can say it is sexual or like those zit popping videos people like to secretly watch.

Unicorn glitter egg pop by Eric Mersmann

When I got the prompt for Make 100, I got the idea to make 100 eggs for brunch and have people pop them on camera for an epic egg porn montage. Attendees got to choose how their egg was cooked, what to put on it, how they would pop the egg and the backdrop for their video.

Here is the trailer. You can watch the full 14 minute video as well as the individual pops on my YouTube channel.

Fun fact: I made all the music!

Along the way, I decided to make my project a living case-study of how to run a campaign. I took to Medium to publish a few guides to key elements like analytics, communication and graphics.

Previous to this, I launched a project to create my band’s first cassette album. We offered unique awards and had a killer VHS promotional video. I later helped Kickstarter with a one-hour Creator Hangout, explaining how we pulled it off.

If you have any questions about running a Kickstarter project, you can tweet me @Randwiches. I’d love to know if any of my advice helped you succeed.

Egg pop by Robert Abrams.