The Most Famous Neighbor in America is a Media Darling, and that’s Why “The Media” Sucks Ass
Ezinne Ukoha

I haven’t read your work in a while … just like to vary the things I do; and I don’t want to overdose on reading Medium. But, my god, what a treat I just got reading your piece. Your metaphors were so evocative!

I’m an old English major and I love words and sentences … probably one of the few people on the planet who actually enjoys diagramming sentences. Your work was very well constructed.

The experience you’ve gained writing for Medium, and all the work you’ve put into creatively wrapping your thoughts and feelings into packages like this one … there’s been a lot of growth between your first work and this piece.

Whether it’s carpentry, fishing, drawing, or writing, it’s always great to run into someone who’s putting their back into their work.

And, despite being an old white guy with blond- white hair, I’m going to momentarily pretend I’m your favorite uncle and say: “attagrrrll!”

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