Investing in the opinions of artists or allowing them to take power away from the art itself is something we allow them to do.
No One Decides Which Films And TV Shows Are Feminist

I know no more, and probably far less than most, but here is an opinion related to the quote from you piece.

So many are lost in a world that appears unrecognizable to them, looking for meaning in the things they see and hear, and attempting to find some kind of bond, some kind of resonance.

And upon that rock of uncertainty, the various media empires have built a world of punditry. Packaged understanding to help with the feelings of loss. They created a little something to help us all get by, for a “small” fee.

While waiting for Godot, the lost think maybe Facebook will help. Maybe someone on Twitter will know. Maybe if they download a featured App. What, after all, does Kim have to say? Little by little, we come back for more … and more. No sense that what we need to know can be found in our own attics.

There was a time … BobDylan-JoniMitchell-SalvadoreDali-GeorgiaO’Keefe time … when artists let their work say whatever it said; and, left the meaning of life and hot dog sales to those with nothing else to say.

You say “stop it,” and I whole-heartedly agree. But I am totally at a loss as to how to move anyone other than myself in that direction. It’s not easy to break the addiction of looking for meaning elsewhere. So … thank you for the reminder that it is important … to stop.

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