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I worked at a University for most of my professional life, and had some librarians as friends. They were horrified with students’ ability to ferret out fact from fiction, as were the Professors who read the students’ work. Your piece points out far more brutal consequences for this shortcoming.

Regarding the degradation of stature associated with the Presidency that has resulted in part from using the internet for research, my wife and I have talked about this very point for the last few weeks. I agree with you that things probably started going south with the Lewinsky/Clinton times. To us, it really started with “Tricky Dick,” but that was pre-internet. Nonetheless, my respect for the Presidency, the Judiciary, the Congress … they’ve all taken big hits over the last decade or so. Does “the rule of law” still matter? How much?

I’m not sure if your work is getting out to a wide audience, but I do appreciate it. Seems like the “ranters” get a bit more attention, but for me it’s important to keep putting your point-of-view out there.

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