My Summer with the Donald: An Investigation of Trump’s Strategy
Sofia Lapides-Wilson

It’s my belief that everyone has some kind of bias, and that the quest of all journalists to find “the truth” is one that is bound to fail. Who amongst us can claim to be all knowing?

That said, I take everything I read with a grain of salt. Some of what I read expands my bias, some of what I read challenges my bias, but I really can’t assume that I am without bias, or that an author is without bias … now, or ever.

You can tell from many of the responses that people have brought their own biases to your table. I hope you see these things as representations of the commenters, not as commentary on the quality of your work.

For a college student, you’ve done a great job of presenting your point-of-view. I’m sure you’re proud of your work, and you should be! If I had been the one giving you grant money to do this, I would have felt like I got my money’s worth. If there were independent study credits attached to this project, I would have given you an A. And to be fair, if someone had written an article about the sanctity of the devil, or the charm of Donald Trump’s “appreciation of women,” and had they done as well as you in thinking, reasoning, and writing about their point-of-view, I would congratulate them as well.

You are a bright young woman, with a good future ahead of you. The quest for truth … though unattainable … is an honorable way to proceed. Nice work. And best wishes on your writing career.

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