Because Boomers rely on Millennials to invent the tech they use to control us but they really don’t want us getting any fresh ideas about using it to re-engineer society.
On the Antiscientific Fetishization of Tech Founders
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Really? You’re going to go there? As a “Boomer,” I will readily admit that many of my peers may be idiots; and in fact, I too may be an idiot. But for me, a generalization like that isn’t A-Game Holly.

Retired now, I’ve spent a good part of my work-life in computing. Amongst my take-aways from that profession are: serendipity explains a lot of what’s too easily referred to today as “genius,” and, bell curves explain a lot about classification schemes. There are “plus 2 and plus 3" Millennials, and the same is true for Boomers, Doctors, Physicists, and Sociologists. Stats are neither a key to life, nor a prison, but they do have value when compared to anecdotal generalizations.

Please understand, I generally worship at the alter of Holly. I just thought this particular piece may have been rushed, and I get a little fired up when someone compares me to my age-peers who spend inordinate amounts of time copy-pasting horseshit into Facebook pages.

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