Your “solution” is in search of a problem.
Kady M.

This comment is quite tangential to the exchanges you are having involving trans-bathrooms, but I wanted to say that I appreciate that you have a little “dock worker” in your debate tool bag. I prefer people who argue while leaving the “f-bombs” in the back room. When they are used by people who don’t seem to use them much, I’m grateful that I’m privy to seeing an exchange that contains both intellectual passion and frustration … it’s an honor.

To me, debates, discussions, arguments … they’re not contests, although some people attempt to make them seem so. Although I agree more with your point-of-view regarding transgender bathrooms, I must say, both parties made some good points and I appreciated the exchange.

I really, really hope we as humanity get to the point where working through some of these things is like discussing how we like our toast. Sadly, I’m not sure this will happen in my lifetime.

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