How to Vastly Improve the Quality of Your Water

The difference will be night and day.

“selective focus photography of girl drinking water” by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

There are 3 things that families should be concerned with: #1 the purity of the water we hydrate and cook with, the chemical content of the water we come in contact with, and the amount of debris in our water, which is more commonly known as “hard water.”

Let’s start with the purity of our water and how we can improve it in our homes. Purity levels are determined by what has been dissolved into your water and measured by a TDS meter, which stands for Total Dissolved Solids or as I like to say, “Total Dissolved Substances.”

In our last article“Glass of Water Anyone???”, we learned that water is nature’s solvent and cleans by dissolving what it comes in contact with, which means your water takes traces of everything it touches everywhere it goes. To recap, we know that as water falls from the clouds, it becomes acid rain from the pollutants in our air such as mold, smog, and byproducts from our cars and industry.

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Once the water hits the ground, it also passes through petroleum products like gas and oil that are leaked from our cars. Here in California we also grow agriculture and livestock, so your water passes through herbicides and pesticides, as well as, nitrates from animal and possibly even human waste. Once all these substances have been introduced to the water the only way to purify is through nature’s process of the Hydrological Cycle or Nuvia’s way, the Clarity 2100 Reverse Osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process of pushing water at lower pressure, through a membrane at a sub-micron level which rejects contaminates, giving you clean pure water. RO works in kind of the same way a screen door allows fresh air through your house, without the flies. A high quality Reverse Osmosis system will provide purity levels under 50ppm (parts per million).

Infographic created by Randy Tran

Once your water is purified, Nuvia has the ability and technology to re-mineralize your water with calcium, magnesium and tourmaline, this is called alkaline water. When these minerals are reintroduced into the drinking water, without the negative effects of chloramines added by the water company, they provide amazing health benefits such as fighting free radicals and emitting negative ions from healthy cells. Alkaline water also increases oxygen content and neutralizes acids in the body that cancer cells feed on.

Aside from the health benefits of filtering through Reverse Osmosis, RO water improves the color, taste and consistency of your foods and well as improving the taste of coffee, tea, and juice. As a matter of fact, you can use 25%-30% less product to make your drinks, saving you money by having to buy these products less frequently.

The solution for most families is bottled water. American families spend $13 billion dollars per year on bottled water, that’s BILLION with a B. The average family of four consumes approximately 1–2 cases of water per week. The average cost of a 24-pack case of water is about $6 per case, which seems affordable.

However, when you add the sales tax, the CRV tax, the time it takes to go to the market and back (we know your time is priceless but for example sake, let’s just use the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour), and gas money used, the true expense per case is closer to about $10.62. With that said, when you multiple that by four (the average number of weeks in a month), the real expense to a family is closer to $40-$56 dollars per month and we ration that water, meaning that we will drink it when we are thirsty, but not for cooking or making our coffee, tea or juice.

Infographic created by Randy Tran

There are additional concerns with bottled water. Even if you find a bottled water company that provides RO water, it is still packaged in recycled plastic. These recycled plastics release a toxin into your water called BPA (Bisphenol A) which is may be linked to Neurological damage as well as Cancer. Sadly, the baby bottle industry is the only industry mandated to be BPA free. Lastly, plastic containers also make the water contained inside acidic.

For less than $30 dollars per month or less than a dollar a day, Nuvia can provide the solution and give you an unlimited supply of good clean drinking water without all the recyclables. To contact Nuvia for a free in home evaluation, contact them at 951–734–7400 or visit their website at