Affirming and Improving North Carolina’s Commitment to Privacy and Equality
Pat McCrory

Your executive order changes nothing about HB2 — your one concession, on recognizing LGBT rights for state workers, creates a legal conflict between your executive order, HB2, and Federal law.

Your stubborn and incessant support of this law, almost to the point of illogical obsession, is shameful — HB2, in essence, classifies all transexuals as non-existent or, worse, as sexual predators, going against all current professional medical and psychological science on the subject.

Governor McCrory, you are creating an intolerable climate of ignorance, fear and bigotry in our state with your misguided and uninformed pursuit of this law.

Transexuals and gays and lesbians will face harassment and perhaps even physical violence because of the bigotry you are fermenting with this moral panic.

Is the pursuit of votes from the hate-group the North Carolina Values Coalition worth not only the economic cost of HB2, but the possible blood directly on your hands because of it?

Sir, do you have no shame?

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