Discovering your path.. and possibly others.

To better oneself is an objective that many people undertake, especially at the beginning of the year with the traditional “New Year’s Resolution” in full effect.

We all decide to write it down on a list, make a statement to all our friends over a shot that “this will be our year” and as you make your toast. You consciously do wish to fulfill your goals.

Whether you desire a new promotion, to travel some place new, find love or simply improve your livelihood.

Typically, you start out strong… getting that gym membership, showing up early for work, booking that ticket and trying out new hobbies and going to events to meet new people.

This is the defining moment for many, as over time..with your job, your fitness goals or that restaurant try for the first time. Many of it could have been influenced by other people’s decisions or advice.

There’s nothing wrong with trying what others suggest, and it may help you along your path. However, your path may be completely different to theirs, secretly they may want to become a monk, hence the backpacking trip to the Himalaya’s. Or possibly, your friend wants to learn how to play drums.. so they invite you to a jazz club.

Being supportive, you go. Curious to see how this step in your journey will affect you and your outlook on life, when in reality, your friend is showing insight to their own.

With thousand’s of advertisements promoted to us, humanity on a daily basis. Often we lack the attention to details, or empathy to recognize more about ourselves, as individuals.

As you may, or may not have realized the near infinite messages on the journey to the jazz club, all imposing their beliefs and ideas upon you. To the point where you may not recognize that subconsciously your personality is being molded to suit the desires of others.

Thus unsurprisingly, with life’s path being constantly narrowed by the persistence of McDonald’s, Zara and Citibank. We are left curious to who we really are and what we can become…which leads us back to January 1st…at the beginning of every year in an attempt to become the better you, you write that list.. which is often very similar to the last, and the one before that.

Personally, I gave up such promises as I never completed them. Instead, if I wanted to make a change, I did it instantly.

Should my heart, mind and soul desired a different job, a trip or individual. Never would I deny my feelings, never would I wait til a specific date to make a conscious effort towards that goal, never would I delay myself.

Never, would I postpone my journey.

In undergoing these changes.. I noticed more positive occurrences would happen.

I quit my boring job to pursue my ideal profession. Now, I’m earning double doing what I love. Travel is no longer a dream but a matter of choosing the next destination. Love is no longer a myth but a reality. Finally, life is no longer a faint expression, but a vivid experience.

In saying this I share, be mindful of outward influence, follow your desires and never let anyone tell you what to do.