The honest truth about Prayer
Koromone Koroye

hello Koromone,

Your content was really good, and I’m agreeing with you on the fact that you don’t have to get on you knees and convey with God, you could be in a room by yourself listening to music and you focus could be on him. Everything, I here a love song I’m thinking about him. It my own little way of connecting with him. I do have moments when I’m not listening to music and sit in silence and that’s what I’m thinking about. Every one has there own way of prayer and just because you preacher and you. Family tells you, you have to do it this way isn’t necessarily true. It’s what feels right to the person. A lot of traditional ways are just ways of how things was done in the passed and if we can’t find new ways of doing things we might be still killing which and warlocks, and hanging people because that’s what was taught to them and we have the right to have our own way of thinking and doing what feels right to the individual.

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