As a entrepreneur, playing multiple roles in a bustling business is a right of passage. But what about those roles that are out of reach and would take you months (or years) to truly master? Time is usually not a friend to the entrepreneur; even the most ambitious know that learning how to code or finding product market/fit are not overnight adventures. You can take a weekend bootcamp on how to effectively use Facebook ads or build a perfect pitch deck, but those are small steps that often lead you right back to having to find a more efficient solution.

So this past Wednesday, we were given a great keynote of what to expect this holiday season from our fearless innovators over at Apple Inc. I must say I was quite impressed with the advances in Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone 6S/6S+ with 3D touch, but there were two new product offerings at first glance I was both excited and disgusted with, and that was the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I was excited for the new shift in creative focus Apple was placing in the fore-front for all the designers in the professional world. But I was thoroughly…

5ivehat Digital Agency

When you decide to work for yourself, your first task above all others is to get clients and get them fast. Most people who are just starting out working in their own business can sometimes forget that once you leave the cozy comfort of the corporate pay-stub, it’s not just about doing what you love; it’s about being able to do what you love while handling a multitude of tasks as the owner of a business. Let’s say you’ve got a client roster of 10. They pay on time, you have excellent synergy, and you handle all their professional creative…

Chicago startup teams with proven eCommerce experts to make local shopping the next big thing.

Straightshot Accelerator in Omaha, NE

Today marks a great accomplishment in the world of local commerce. LocalLux is a high-growth startup founded on Chicago’s south side and is a major advocate of providing inexpensive and innovative product enhancement strategies to struggling artisans, retailers, and brick-and-mortars. On April 24, 2014, the company announced that it will be expanding its business to Omaha, Nebraska in summer 2014.

An accelerator called Straightshot offered LocalLux the opportunity to come and work on their innovative business model in the state known for being the place to live “the good life”. Mark Hasebroock founder of Dundee Venture Capital and was…

Here’s how to build fast and purposeful.

Here’s the rub: Build fast and build purposeful. Most of us won’t see mountains of cash and fame. Some us can do without the accolades. But NO ONE can tolerate a failed product. Building a company is hard, building a product is much harder. Here’s 5 tips that I wrote for a column awhile back. Read them, Read them again, ingrain them in your mind. You never know, they could be the key to your success.

1: Emulate well, imitate NEVER

It is okay while researching the competition to see a form of creativity you admire and want to emulate. However, be…

Randy Ellis

Founder, @5ivehat | UXD Instructor @GA_Chicago | Angel Investor | Public Speaker | Contributing Author

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