Worth the change? Will professsionals use it?

Hi Terrill,

Thanks for the feedback. To address a few of the things you mentioned, the aim of the trimmer is to offer both an at-home solution for the casual day-to-day users (i.e. hair and beard trimming) and a professional solution for barbers looking for an alternative to what’s currently out in the market.

Our price point is a bit more costly than the competitors, simply due to the innovations we feel like we’ve accomplished by our product design team and master barber feedback. It’s a cordless (or corded) option that runs up to 4+ hours, with 60 hours standby and 30 degrees cooler than similar products out there. We do this by utilizing a powerful high-efficiency rotary motor that works to keep power at the blade consistent throughout its battery charge without losing the energy that would typically overheat a trimmer.

As far as using our trimmer on children, simply use the adjustable Bevel Dial to back the blade off slightly from zero gap (which can be done on-the-fly without any additional hardware or tools). It should provide clean results without biting too much on the sensitive skin of a young person’s skin. It should also be mentioned that the National Sanitary Foundation-approved hypoallergenic coating helps with this as well, reducing bumps and irritation by repelling oil and water. This will minimize dirt and residue over time, providing a smooth trim to the utmost degree.

Currently, we’re only selling it direct through us at getbevel.com/trimmer, so Target won’t be a distribution channel for this particular product specifically, but that may change in the future.

Thanks for your write-up. Loving hearing thoughts about our products (whether positive or negative) from the general public. It helps a lot!

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