What I learned not drinking for two years
Andy Boyle

I quit drinking this time last year… At first, it was just a 30-day thing but I figured ‘fuck it’ and decided to extend my hiatus. Next month marks my full one-year and I’m leaning towards staying this way a while longer.

It wasn’t as hard as thought it would be either — I never had a drinking problem — and it puzzles people why I decided to do it in the first place. You explained it quite nicely here, so kudos, sir.

If there’s one point that I’ve had to get into everyone’s heads is that I‘m not trying to put myself above it all by looking down on drinking and it doesn’t bother me when everyone else is having fun, drink-in-hand. But the times where things have got weird were because people other than myself were uncomfortable that I wasn’t drinking, which is definitely not what I expected would happen. Maybe it has something to do with people wanting that certain level of group participation, but in my past year, I’ve seen that the good ones always respect the decision. And these ‘good ones’ are the ones I ultimately choose to surround myself with.

I’m relating to you on so many levels here.

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