Mobile-First Storytelling for iPhones

U.S. POLICY IN AFRICA — These women survivors of Boko Haram pleaded with U.S. Congress for justice. Were actions taken?

The iPhone is a powerful tool for content producers, communication professionals and journalists. But do you know how to use the phone in your pocket to its full potential?

From capturing and sharing photos, audio and video, to editing content and streaming live, smartphones can complement traditional storytelling tools and allow you to reach audiences in new and innovative ways.

This breaking-news story emphasizes linear thinking for mobile platforms where we scroll to get more information. Because recent findings suggest that scrolling is in but clicking is not as preferred, this prototype devotes itself to the idea of linear thinking where narrative/text and visual assets mix.

Mobile-first prototype designed for iPhone X by Randy Gener

“Mobile storytelling allows for the presentation of information in a way that can appeal to more of the senses,” said Dr. Mario García, CEO and founder of global media consulting firm García Media and the senior adviser on news design at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

What works for mobile is not necessarily functional for print. “We can have audio, photography and video,” García added. “With a large percentage of our audience consuming news on mobile devices, we now can generate stories in a variety of ways, as opposed to everything presented with a headline, a summary and text. It is up to the imagination of the writer/reporter in how a specific story is presented.”



@Columbia Journalism School

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