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Not trying to be critical, but the event in Oklahoma City was a bombing, not a shooting… and it killed over 160 people (including many women and children). My credit union was in that building and my mom worked 2 blocks from there. I was in middle school less than 15 miles away and could see the billowing smoke rise from the wreckage of that disgraceful disaster. I was in an MRI machine when 9/11 happened in college in the DFW, Texas area and went to school with many people from overseas. There was definitely nervousness but I never distrusted anyone based on there appearance or religious leanings. Things have to change… and soon. Extremism and religious extremism has to be curtailed and people need to realize that we are all looking for peace. That will not happen as long as these events take place and so-called religious groups take responsibility for them. It is very disappointing and sad.

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