Burning the Candle

Lately, I’ve been working hard.

I usually work hard, but it’s been a little unnatural. Since coming back from Design Ranch, I had a new sense of purpose & rigor…and it’s definitely come out in the course of the projects I’ve committed myself to, along with the product work I normally do.

Here’s the list:

2 products for Watson, focused in specific industries (+1 in June)…focusing in research, user experience, user interface, and strategic direction.

3 magazine articles for an internal design focused magazine in IBM

1 conference workshop for AIGA Frontier

Looking at 2 other conferences to give talks/workshops at

2 IBM Radio shows (one talk, one music), complete with branding & promotions for both

Content direction & station management for IBM Radio

Redesign for the interfaces of IBM Radio

Guest facilitator/educator for IBM Design Bootcamp for Industry Hires

Restructuring/leading the Emerging Design Leaders Forum in Watson

Helping set up the Global Studio Crawl (an event in which all IBM Studios around the world celebrate design within IBM)

Assisting our Offering Management practice to learn Design Thinking

Reviewing portfolios & interviewing candidates

This blog

Learning Raspberry Pi

Shooting film again

Sketching daily

At some point, start writing a book

….and the list keeps going. My closest friends know that I’m no stranger to this kind of behavior, but what makes it different this time is the fact that I haven’t run out of energy.

In fact, Work/Life balance doesn’t exist, because it’s the same entity.

And that makes me very happy.

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