Social Media predictions for 2017 by Randy Hilarski.

Sometimes a Disruptive Technology is in Front of Your Face and You Still Can’t See It.

Many of the social media professionals who wrote in their predictions for this article, “2017 Predictions for Social Media and Content Marketing” are connected with me all over social media. I have known most of them for four years or more. Anabell and I have great respect for our peers. Without their trail breaking I would probably not be as successful as I am today.

Predictions for Social Media in 2017 that are Huge.

  1. User Generated Content will Continue to Grow.
  2. Data Mining will Grow as Companies Try to Improve the Bottom Line.
  3. Video will Continue to Grow.
  4. Live Streaming will Mature.
  5. Our Mobile Device is Where the Action Will Be.
  6. Automation will Increase
  7. Content Needs to be Top Notch in the Attention Economy.
  8. Influencer Marketing will Increase for Brands.
  9. Niche Marketing will Flourish.

My 2017 Social Media Predictions.

1. 2016 was the first instance of a successful launch of a Blockchain based social media platform. The success of Steemit in 2017 will attract attention from the media. Neil Strauss of Rolling Stone was just the first influencer to notice. It was great meeting you Neil!

2. When top notch content producers realize they can have another revenue stream via sites like Steemit or they will flock to the platforms. Why would I post my content on Medium first when I could earn income on a site like Steemit? I then can repost my content on Medium with a link back to the original content on the blockchain.

3. User content will shift to paid in the attention economy. Youtube was the first successful test of paying content creators. Now we will see it for every aspect of content creation.

4. The ability of blockchain companies to offer almost instantaneous digital money transfers via mobile wallets will bring millions of the unbanked into the world of content creation. Imagine a young woman in Venezuela who earns less than $1 a day at her job earning an extra $100 a month via Steemit converting that Steem currency to Bitcoin and buying products on Amazon sent directly to her home. Oh wait there are people already doing it in Venezuela! Look at @luisucv34 as a perfect example.

5. Social media companies will continue to struggle to find new ways to profit off the use of their social networks. I believe we will see a continued shift of companies like Facebook forcing users to stay on its platforms and a throttling of content with links off platform.

6. Censorship will continue unabated as pressure from government and media companies force social media companies to crack down on any content they deem does not fit their narrative. Forcing content producers to seek alternatives.

7. Steemit will be the platform that brings flocks of non crypto currency users to blockchain technology.

An Amazing Conversation I had Last Night.

Anabell and I were at a hotel in old town Panama City and we struck up a conversation with a local lawyer. She was in her early 30’s. I asked her if she knew what Bitcoin was and if she was using it yet. She said, “what is it?” Ten minutes later she is wide-eyed and super excited to start using it for herself and her business. She said she could speed up her business many times over and maneuver around currency controls in countries like Venezuela.

I showed her our Wirex Bitcoin debit card. I showed her how to open a Bitcoin wallet. We told her about the Bitcoin embassy we will be opening in Panama City and she was thrilled.

The key is that most people still have no idea about blockchain technology, Bitcoin or even social media platforms like Steemit. When they take the time to learn they will be blown away! I think you will be also.

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