Blockchain Programmers and marketers it is time to shake hands.

Two Sides of the Same Crypto Currency Yet Miles Apart.

Over the last few years I have been watching from the sidelines as the programmers have been doing their best to educate the world as to why they should be using Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies. I have found myself wishing there was a way to simplify what the programmers do.

Then about a year ago it dawned on me that what the world of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies needed were people who love the technology for what it can do, not so much how it can do it. I am so jaded watching talks from programmers talking about the tech behind a Crypto Currency while many turn around and bash other Crypto Currency entrepreneurs for not building their coin to the specifications that they would prefer.

This Cartoon is How it Looks to Those of Us Who Are Not Programmers.

How Blockchain programmers and developers look to outsiders.

The Masses Don’t Care How Something Works, They Just Want it to Work.

The great thing about society is that we will start using something if we find it to be useful or appealing. When we see people fighting over block sizes, hash rates or any other word found in the crypto-currency world it just turns us off. We are also good at dropping something in the waste bin if we find it to no longer be a good product or tool.

Does anyone remember Yugo cars, Commodore computers, Blackberry phones or Rotary phones? Faded memories of these things correct? That is because society moved on to better tech or higher quality.

Yugo Flying

Yuog Flying

Commodore 64 in Action.

Commodore 64 in action

Blackberry Phone and Charlize Theron BONUS.

Blackberry phone

Rotary Phone

Rotary Phone

Enter the Marketers and Influencers.

We have this uncanny ability to reach the people who will be using these amazing technologies the Crypto Currency Programming gods create. You can have the best product in the world but if you shut yourself in a padded room, with your amazing tech, there is no way for the masses to learn about it.

Taking bats to the knee caps of your peers is no way to build trust in your product or brand. Why should I trust you if you spend your time talking down others?

No Need to Take Bats to the Knee Caps of Your Peers.

Stop Running Your Mouth and Get to Work Creating Epic Tools!

We will help you get your good work into the hands of the people who will tell their friends and their friends and their friends. It is amazing how that works. When the masses want something you find a way to deliver it or somebody else will.

Get Thor Another Drink!

If a Customer wants something you deliver it.

It Comes Down to Trust.

When the programmers decide to let the marketers be the face of the Crypto Currency brands this is when the technology will really take off. Trust me, we don’t want the Banksters to coop the industry! If we want this technology to be the peoples currency we need to include the folks who know how to win followers. We are not your enemies, we are your connection to the end user.

Less Brash and More High Fives!!

High Fives all Around.

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