Vechain Thor has Arrived!

My Biggest Investment of 2018 Has Been Vechain Thor.

Over the last few months I have been sharing with you the updates for the platform. Recently Vechain completed the 1:100 swap from VEN to VET. They also launched their VET mobile wallet which incorporates the Vechain Thor XNodes and Economic nodes.

Over the recent weeks VET has taken more than a 50% hit in the markets. Like most people my USD value of VET was hit hard but the good news is that the price has rebounded nicely as of late. The reason for the sudden surge was the Economic node bonus that Vechain announced. If you withdrew your VET from the exchange and put them in your wallet with a minimum of 1,000,000 VET you would receive a bonus in September.

The Big News for VET.

The announcement of the OceanX ICO has sparked excitement in the Vechain community. The OCE coin is already listed in the VET wallet as seen below.

As I said in the video, will be one of the first apps released on the new Vechain THor platform.

Also there are rumors of big news being released for the Vechain Thor community in September.

Poker Star Phil Helmuth Sporting Armor and Carrying the Vechain Thor Hammer at The Opening Ceremony of the 2018 World Series of Poker.

This All Plays Into the Hands of the Speculator Nicely.

For years I have been saying, “buy the rumor sell the news”, was my favorite way to invest. So I have gone to the exchanges and purchased more VET and sent them to my wallet. This way I receive VTHO staking rewards as well as the opportunity of making some extra BTC with the rise in price of VET.