If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism?
umair haque

Here is the problem that you are having. You don’t seem to have any concept of moderation. Having lived in a capitalist-based society for my entire life, I have seen this system up close and personal. The vast majority of capitalist ventures are small businesses that typically employ maybe 5 or ten people and last for about the length of the interest of the owner. They are usually benevolent people, as are most people, and have the good interests of the workers in mind. After all, most of them are probably neighbors and friends that helped get it started. You make it sound like the world is populated by rapacious untrustworthy savages that can’t be restrained from taking advantage of their position in life. That all we really need is a Big Brother that will take all that temptation away from us and always and fairly redistribute all that wealth so that all of us can equally share in all of it. Bah! Fairy tales! It never happens in practice despite 150 years of trying it. It sounds fantastic in school when you are debating.

You socialists keep thinking that all these wonderful goods and services fall from the skies and no one actually produces them. And at that same time, we are all a bunch of degenerate animals that all have to be restrained from our baser needs and out-of-control desire to selfishly hurt others. The fact is, I have created jobs and businesses all my life. For really nice people and they haven’t enslaved a single person, and they’ve been farmers who do Organic farming and treated animals humanely, or produced beautiful art works, or run schools, or helped during large scale tragedies.

Stop trying to make the world a horrrible scary place. Yes, there are bad MOMENTS. We fight those and get past it. But then there are those vast betweeen times when we all go peacefully about our daily lives slowly building up our jobs and knowledge and families. Maybe you find this all boring. But please let us be free to create what we want. Don’t demonize us so that you can demolish our freedoms.

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