I’m 27, Turning 16

Hi there, My name is Randy Fournier…I don’t usually write anything but I do talk a lot to certain people and decided that is a problem. I woke up today and looked around at my surroundings; dirty dishes, crappy apartment, no job and a debt of over $14 000…last time I checked anyway. I also only have a select few friends and I don’t talk to any of them on a daily basis.

Why am I saying all of this? Well..I decided when I woke up today maybe my thoughts and ideas are being wasted..I tell my mom, my girlfriend..and my best friend who lives nowhere near me and I haven’t seen in over 4 years at least. I’m told by acquaintances, co-workers, friends, family all the time that I’m brilliant and smart…yet for some reason everyone that says that is much more successful than I am so if I’m that smart shouldn’t I be successful too?

So, when I woke up today I realized why that is..why I’m in such a shitty position so shitty, I feel like giving up… infact, I’ve already decided to do exactly that give up which is why I’m where I am today.

Why did I write this post? I wanted to share a bit about me before I move forward with talking about stuff that may infact help someone who has a similar mindset as I do. Even though I feel like giving up I woke up today thinking quite the opposite, Facebook..used to be something I despised. Why?

My experiences in School

  • I was picked on very often
  • I tried to make friends, and ended up getting shit on
  • No one seemed to share the same way of thinking I did
  • No matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough
  • When I went home, my own family would tease me because of my weight (wasn’t even that big tbh)
  • But…I always had high 90’s on my tests, so teachers always thought I just wasn’t trying hard enough

I wasn’t, I was bored infact..so bored from the lack of friends and the feeling of not being wanted, that I decided to not pursue…well anything. My stepdad at the time was into computers so he had gotten me one, a commodore 64 to be exact and well that was my friend…my only friend. It didn’t tease me, or give me a feeling of not being wanted…so I spent all my extra time while not in school on the computer and still do to this day.

Wait…you mentioned facebook I don’t see how any of this has anything to do with facebook? :S

I’m getting there…So I spent all my extra time on the computer, if anyone knows what a commodore 64 is, you can see how long I’ve been hands on with a computer. This is where most of my smartness comes from, computers are complicated machines, and I was fascinated by what could be done with using them. There was chat rooms, they were much much more popular back then for meeting people…and well I made internet friends, began the days where the outside world was non-existent to me.

Myspace came out around that time..and that was “facebook” more or less and everyone was on it because it was your own “space” you could do whatever you wanted on it, and at that time I made a lot of friends from my writings/drawings/animations and what not.
Well, it wasn’t long after that..facebook came out the next new best thing…well I didn’t like it..why? Shit changes too fast you finally get used to something and BAM! something new comes around that just takes all the old shit and makes it extinct. Well around the time that it came out, I was almost finished High School, and my mom moved away and I had been at the same high school, since grade 6..it had 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. So a long time, and the few friends I did make helped me get through it all, so in order to finish I had to go with my mom to a brand new school and start over I guess.

My mom moved a lot, actually Its better to say I was forcefully moved around a lot as I grew up, so starting over repeatedly you could say was my strongest skill. But Its not a skill, it actually is probably the reason WHY i am the way I am today. So what does this part have to do with anything else I said? Well I know lots of people love to read and there is others like me! That just don’t and its hard to cram in a ton of info you need to be aware of before I move forward with “probably useful” information.

So, to conclude..I’m 27, turning 16. What I meant by that is everytime something new comes out, you have to learn more or get used to the change and adapt..I’m great at that, but its hard to do while maintaining income to support yourself/family. Since I moved around so much (not by choice) when I was younger I have never been able to secure relationships or friendships at all. So I have felt very much alone in the world with no passion, purpose, people, product or partnerships…which brings me back to facebook.

Why I now love Facebook

So, because I’ve had to start over repeatedly growing up..facebook at the time was just another thing I had to start over with. However, now that its so successful..I strongly regret doing so because it infact is solving the very problem I had my entire life…Starting Over! from 2004–Current facebook went from 200 users, to 1.6 billion active monthly users. In other words I could’ve stopped starting over but I was just so used to it I despised facebook when it started. Don’t get me wrong I made an account, I just rarely used it was mostly working and had no time for anything anymore. So, after working since I was capable of doing so, I haven’t stopped until last week. At 16 is when I started working so even though I’ve worked so long..I still have all that debt, very few friends, a shitty apartment, and the feeling of just saying screw it all I’m done.

Now It All Changes, There Is Hope Afterall

So as I started, I woke up and realized that I’m 27 and exactly…no wait much worse off! than I was when I was 16, at least I didn’t have a credit rating and such..now everything is ruined. I burned many bridges..friendships and never stuck with anything..I’ve had over 27 different jobs (like legit different, not like 10 of those were fast food restaurants..they were all different fields entirely) ANYway…I feel like I’m starting my entire life over, and its okay and that is why I wrote this…for anyone who feels or has been through something similar..I’m trying to tell you its completely okay to start over BUT, keep this one thing in mind…Start, and NEVER stop…don’t give a shit what people think because there is many people out there who don’t agree with you. However there is also many people out there who do agree with you 100%, you just have to find them..or let them find you, follow your passion set yourself a goal, and never go off course.

Final Point

Moving forward, I will be providing help to people in my strong areas, I just wanted everyone to see where I was coming from first as there are far too many people that claim they can provide you with things, and at the end you realize it was just a waste of time. What can I provide you with? To know after all else fails you can still prevail…and I will now START OVER for the last time, and record my journey doing so through writings/videos/podcasts and through my website, which is not quite ready yet.

My Expertise

  • Repairs; Computers (linux, mac, windows) Smartphones (android, iOS), Arcades
  • Technical Support, I’m very savvy and with all my life being hands on with everything, and the vast variety in my experiences I can provide help with practically anything related to technology
  • Programming..Development. (I’m starting over with this so that people can learn what its like to learn from absolute 0 to well…wherever it takes me)

My Passions

  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Robotics
  • Friends

If you actually read this post, and feel where I’m coming from…send me a message! Lets be friends..moving forward lets keep in touch so we can help each other, because face it…life sucks when your not successful and relationships/friendships are a definite requirement.

Email: randymfournier@gmail.com