12 Workout Tips For Skinny Guys

Today, I want to share with you some experiences, knowledge that I have summarized in many training years, which changed me as today, probably have some new things and some others that perhaps you’ve encountered elsewhere — they are obvious basic principles and it’s ignored, but I believe they’re the most powerful principles will create a difference in your training (if you persevere) especially for skinny guy and the last thing I would say I’m not the creator of the following principles, i’m just only identify and dissemination it for those who really want to change themselves. Below are 12 principles will optimize the way of your workout

12 Principles For Ectomorphs

1. Motivation

Probably you’ll laugh and thought “Well can I go to the gym without motivation?”:D, well if you own good gene, it’s okay, no problem even you training anyway, after 2–3 months your body still up normally, but if you are not lucky like that? What happens if you’re a skinny guy and eat a lot but still not gain weight or a fat guy whatever you did, still can’t reduce a kg! after 2–3 months or more you still in that stage, how do you feel ? while people around you to show the opposite!, very depressed, right? So the question is that you will continue or unconditional surrender! the problem here is that they have good genes whether they training, their results still faster than you, but you absolutely can be like them !, believe me (no steroids here, don’t worry), just as you can but only slower, you feel stronger that mean you are gaining more muscle, you may take from 6 months -> 1 year according to a scientific schedule and diet to give good results, but the problem, are you have the motivation and perseverance to see that results! because I’ve seen many people gave up quickly because they don’t achieve the initial satisfactory results or not equal others, so keep in mind the motivation when combined with an science workout will becomes a real way lead to the change for everyone.

2. Heavier Weigh = Bigger Muscle

Can you have seen this in many other sites with mixed opinions of it, but this is really an important principle!. Why ?, while training your muscle will be break and then it will recover stronger to meet the greater pressure that caused by this weights, and if you continue increase the weights level, which allows you to make movements correctly, your muscles will recover stronger and if you provide sufficient calories, it will become bigger.

3. Eat Much But Properly

To gain weight and build muscle, you need to supply 3000–5000 kcal or more per day, of course, you aren’t permitted to eating a bluff to achieve amount of this kcal, unless you want to become a fat guy. If you want to have a nice body, protein, carbs, healthy fat, which is what you should focus on. I suggest to you should supply 1g protein per pound of body (2g / kg) for the carb is 2g / bls (4g / kg), This is the optimal amount , why ?, if more than, your body will waste them, if less, of course you can’t increase muscles. Remember to provide carb and protein before and after training.

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4. Focus On Compound Exercise

There are two types of exercises: compound and isolation, compoundexercises usually stimulates a lot of muscle groups participated and boost your body release anabolic hormone. While isolation just focus on a single muscle group and isolate the others. So why should you focus on compound, there are 2 main reasons, firstly if you are a skinny guy, keep the workout limited in one hour, which is very important (I will articulate that later) so the compound exercises will help you save time while still training full of other muscle groups, secondly because your body is a comprehensive system, you can not growth a certain muscle group optimal if you skip other muscle groups, another said each muscle group needs support from the surrounding muscles to be able grow up. And this is also the best exercises for building strength / muscle platform for skinny guys.

Some of compound exercises



Overhead Presses

Bench presses

Bent over rows

Body rows


Push ups

Pull ups

5. Training Three Day A Week

Maybe some people will be shocked to hear this principle, but this is not only my experience but also of others, the problem is if you’re a skinny guy, you do not get the hormone levels or special osteoarticular structure to training every day but still maximum muscle size and strength. And if you’re lucky enough to own a special qualities / professional, you can practice 5–6 times per week, but it is only suitable for those with special purposes (such as preparing for a competition, weight loss or other benefits) and in the genetic terms, it’s not an ideal solution to build muscle maximum

6. Keep Your Workout In Hour No Longer

Testosterone levels begin reduce after about 45–60 minutes of heavy training and the catabolic hormones start to increase. This is the time of the exercise begin to lose effective. In addition, exercise excess will lead to reduced sensitivity of the adrenal gland (makes fat reduction more difficult and easier to store fat) and make adrenal fatigue (alter the average body temperature , reducing blood pressure and energy, joint pain and muscle loss). So please leave the gym after about an hour and rest, because you will not stimulate any significant level to growth muscles by practicing longer.

7. Don’t Use Too Many Exercise Machines

If your schedule depend largely on the exercise machines, I recommend that you reconsider. In fact, the “Presets” movement will create an reduction force in the overall muscle growth fatigue because it makes the muscle fatigue unnecessarily in a stretched state, so it can’t produce maximum impact in the period between movements, the stages that make the muscle growth the best. At two motion endpoints, muscle fibers are capable of exerting only a fraction of the force that they can generate over the mid-range anyway, the muscle growth effectively, if have — there isn’t much. Free weight exercises to mobilize more muscle fibers than using the machine, as pull-ups was demonstrated by MRI that mobilize more muscle fibers thanPull-downs with a cable. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t tell you to stop using the exercise machine but shouldn’t dependent on it too much, because surely there will have some kind of machine that you will need them.

8. Don’t Overuses Food Supplements

No such thing as just taking food supplements that will increase muscle, the food supplement is simply providing protein, but coupled with it is trainings to transform that protein. Anyway, it’s not compare to a natural diet. So please see it as a product support for the meals when the nutrient conditions were guaranteed. Multivitamin and minerals are essential for body growth, (some of important vitamins like B, C, E) you can drink from 2–3 time/day after each meal.

9. Adequate Supply Of Water

Water makes up 75% of your muscles, so if you want bigger don’t let be dehydrated, drink 1 gallon of water per day, the advice here is don’t drink water too much during training, because it will make sweating too much, easily lead to fatigue, after training, drink mineral water, which contains electrolytes such as (Na +, K + ….) to compensate the salt lost.

10. Right Movement

Don’t skip this principle, because that will effect to your workout progress, correctly practice decided to 70% efficiency of each exercise, if you must cheat, it mean too heavy, it will cause your body mobilize the other muscle groups to lift this weights and reduce effects of the focus muscle groups, increase the possibility of injury, because your body use others muscle groups, that exercise not designed for them. Therefore heavy training at suitable level, which allow you to make the right moves, don’t lifting weights excessive to express yourself and finally take the unnecessary injury, or worse, end up your gym forever.

11. Control Your Lifting

While training, try to control your weights, training too fast or too heavy, then you will probably use the hips, body or momentum more than muscle to lift weights. Obviously it’s inefficient, so please focus and control. The important thing is separate the muscle groups and train them with the exercises, angles, diverse techniques. If you can use the right technique at the appropriate weights, the body will grow.

12. Rest To Muscle Grow

You can’t ignore that, especially for this guy, why it is important, because after a workout your muscle will be hurt, the muscle cells is damaged and died and it will need the rest time to regeneration and development, as a result you become bigger, what if you hang out all night after exhausting in the gym, so simple! it will obtain energy from your muscles and make muscle atrophy. So remember, training is just preparation and resting is the real muscular development process.


Via what I share above, I want you to understand that the gym training like a journey, no one can own a nice body without spent many years of grueling training, including the people with good genes, do not sit there to blame or whine, let step out and go to the gym now!, let’s enjoy and turn it into your lifestyle, until you suddenly realize many things are come to you, that you did not have previously, at that time, please don’t stop, let continue to move forward to the next level of change, freedom and happiness — the life is your choice!

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