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It’s not all that hard to figure out what’s going on if you watch carefully.

  1. 35 years prior to the present: Arnold, grieving over the loss of his son, has secret meetings in the cottage basement with Delores. She becomes a surrogate child as he reads Alice in Wonderland to her and begins to try to bootstrap consciousness. He has become disillusioned with the project and asks Delores to help him destroy the park. Some time after that Arnold mysteriously dies. All traces of Arnold’s existence are erased but Ford eventually creates a host in Arnold’s image and names him Bernard.
  2. 30 years prior to the present: Delores escapes her loop and takes off with William and Logan. A critical failure takes place involving Delores which almost does destroy the park as William evolves from a white hat to a black hat. Delos takes financial control of the park to save it but its real interest is in the code used to program the hosts. William continues to return to the park over the next 30 years and eventually becomes the Man in Black (MIB).
  3. Present time: Someone is messing with the host’s code which is related somehow to Arnold’s initial attempts to bootstrap consciousness. Delores escapes her loop again and begins retracing the same path she took 30 years earlier with William only this time she is alone and flashing back to memories of that journey. Delos has nefarious plans for the code and a possibly insane Ford battles them for control while creating a massive new scenario involving a host named Wyatt. Meanwhile William (aka MIB) seeks a mysterious maze that Arnold created.

Easy peasy.

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