Where I live isn’t really relevant to my point, but thanks for basically making it out like no one…
Sam Shenton

Sam, Thank you for mentioning the fact that this was the first election without the full protections of Voting Rights Act. To cut off the neigh Sayers I am a middle aged white male that was born and still lives in the south. During the 2016 election an estimated 50 MILLION previously eligible voters were denied the opportunity to vote via Republican voter suppression laws (Voter ID), polls that opened late or not at all “due to uncontrollable circumstances” (I would not have voted if I had not had the time and inclination to return to my polling place twice waiting for it to open), voters that arrived at the polls to be told that they were no longer registered, and those that were “allowed” to cast provisional paper ballots that were (according to elections officials) not counted due to irregularities. The election was “won” only due to the fact that the United States of America still uses an electoral system that was designed to give added leverage to states that had very few white male voters but large numbers of persons of color that were counted as partial people. Sec. Clinton did receive some 3 Million more popular voters than Mr. Trump, so critics need to exactly how or why did she lose. It would behoove everyone, democrat, independent, progressive, or whatever label you choose, to read Sec. Clinton’s book to at least contemplate her thoughts on why she did not win and what changes can be made in the future.

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