Oh. ❤️ I am so glad, Randy.
Classical Sass

Big hugs to you too!!!! This is the second time that I have been struck speechless by an event. The first time was when my Mother died. It is as if my mind has been wiped clean and I can only do the most automatic of activities…eat, sleep, read, drink…. martinis have been flowing at my house. But that is what happens to me when it becomes too much. My brain freezes and slowly thaws out like a frozen dinner. As each section softens I attach it to the next piece like a puzzle… talking to myself all the time so that I don’t slip off into chaos. Usually I can see the way forward clearly but it is all cold, frozen fog. I wish I could be angry but anger is so useless to me. It has never gotten me anywhere. For me it is always information gathering and cold, hard analysis with a sprinkling of intuition and Divine stardust that creates the map to follow. But this has so shaken my belief in the spark that shines in all of us, so frozen my optimistic spirit, my open heart…… I’m sorry Sass. I don’t know why I am dropping all my shit on you. I know that you are hurting too. You are the first person that I have said anything too about this fucking horror we are living through. I guess you must be a heat lamp. I feel the ice melting. You are a wrecking ball Girl!! Keep knocking shit down!!!

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