You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Timi Olotu

I enjoyed this. Two minor points (that don’t impact your argument much) I would like to contest.

“Over time, we realized our tendency to do fucked up shit, if left unchecked. So, we started creating value systems… to keep ourselves in check.”

I am highly skeptical of this. The tendency towards adopting and enforcing values in humans is so strong that I doubt it is learned behavior. There is no evidence that there has ever been a period in human history where there were no values. Values seem critical to group cohesion and group cohesion seems critical to the survival of early man. I suspect that value systems in some form or another have existed from the beginning of our species.

“the one thing that immediately disqualifies you from being a liberal is the belief that it’s OK to force people to do something, if it’s “for their own good”.”

I disagree here as well. Collective action problems, externalities, and exploitative practices may all require forcing people to do something for their own good.

Again, great piece, thanks for writing this.

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