A bunch of big updates for Basecamp 3
Jason Fried

Congrats Jason!

Been using Basecamp for about 10 years now (can’t believe how long it’s been) and we switched to BC3 about a month back. We are really digging most of the updates, including how easy to use it is, the options across devices, the awesome notifications options, and how blazingly fast the app continues to be.

But now that we’ve had a little time to digest the changes… it’s become clear that our biggest headache is — that clients cannot start their own message (and add their own files to these messages) via Basecamp. We do like the idea of using Clientside and having a clear separation (between internal and Clientside) but having to implement workarounds to this has been a huge hassle. Also, clients that have been migrated from BC2 to BC3 have noticed, and asked why this ability was dropped. They really did enjoy being able to login and start messages and easily share files. (The lack of this feature is something we just didn’t foresee when doing our research on the update from BC2 to BC3.)

Other than this, the 2 other things we desperately miss from BC2 is consolidation of files/images into one static section no matter where these files were added (E.g., messages, comments, etc.) Unfortunately, from other responses that I’ve seen, it seems that you guys have taken a hard stance on this with BC3 in stating that this was a conscious design decision. (We do understand that we can use search to find all files, but it’s simply just not as usable.) And, there was a super helpful feature released for BC2 at some point that I’ll call an “attachment modal screen”… basically (for desktop users anyway) it allowed you to easily grab a sharable URL and gave clear options for downloading, clicking thru to related comments, etc. There are arguments why this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it was a very nice option for a day-to-day workflow.

Thanks for listening!

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