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This morning I woke trying to remember the day. Saturday? Ah, wait, it’s New Year’s Eve. Goodbye, 2020. Welcome, 2021?

I looked back into my photos to see where I was in Jan 2020 (only one year ago) and found the picture above — taken at the Highline in New York City. I couldn’t believe it was only one year ago that my husband and I took Amtrak to NY to see Itzhak Perlman at a concert commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz:

Many times since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve thought of those locked up — immigrants in cages, the Japanese interned in America during WWII, and those in Nazi concentration camps. Remembering the concert, the soldiers from WWII and the survivors who were at the show, the soaring sounds of Perlman, I was back on the temple bench. I thought of the speaker’s words: care for the immigrants of today — locked up by the Trump administration, the reminders that our job was not only looking back but looking forward to ensuring the rights of all — put this end of 2020 into perspective. …

Randy Susan Meyers

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