When I go for a job interview I just want to be able to say:

“My name is Randy and I’m currently looking for the best paying job I can get while I build this website called Quit Rich. I left my role as an Investment Advisor Representative that managed over ten million dollars in collective assets so that I could give the financial strategy I used and get the account maintenance knowledge I gained to the hands of new-comers and experienced investors alike.
This is important because the financial advisory industry does very little to educate its clients. Keeping them in the dark keeps them paying lots of money to have their accounts managed for them. Sometimes 2% a year of their accounts worth. That’s 2% in gains that these clients are missing out on with compound interest (which can equate to millions of dollars) and because the account needs to get a return on investments as well as that fee, extra risk is added that wouldn’t be necessary if they didn’t have this fee to cover before their profits.
I was only able to fund the Quit Rich Project for six months on my own while I worked on it full time. Selling some of my things helped get me this far.
Now I’m at a point where I need more funding so I need to work while I build the rest of the website or work until the website is funded. To raise funds for the Quit Rich Project I am building a store where proceeds from the goods purchased go back into funding the project. The visitors that want this financial knowledge to spread far and wide will be able to support the project by that store, one time donations, or recurring monthly donations with not even a dollar being too small.
So today I’m looking for a job.
Being completely straight forward: If you get me something comfortable enough to where I can afford to live and fund this project I’d pay you back someday with offering you a job. Hell I’d even make you the first employee once the project could afford it since I’m currently solo. This is going to end poverty, smoking, and change the entire world. It’s not going to have a small impact. It is not going to be a small company.”

But I’m just going to go in there and tell them:

“I’m very experienced at customer service via call centers, face to face meetings, sales, and outbound calling. I know how to use office equipment and software as well as run payroll.
My talents however, are that:
I strive to provide second to none service no matter the job. People I made collection calls to frequently would ask to speak to my manager to praise my people skills and how that’s all they wanted: respect and understanding. I’m focused and determined to succeed so much that I created an entire business model for a new business in exchange for an opportunity to learn finance from starting with zero knowledge. I’m committed because I’ve kept building a personal business model for over a decade that has led to multiple business opportunities and a lot of experiences.”

Wish me luck 🙏