Again, your arguments are like shifting sands.
Robin Chancer

You stated:

You contacted me to tell me that you/conservatives/Trump are not racist. In response to my many specific concerns, your reply is, “No, we’re not racist and I will provide no evidence to my point because I don’t have to.”

No, I was merely wondering aloud why progressives go to such lengths to maintain their sense of moral superiority over Republicans and conservatives. I’m still not sure why.

You have set up an impossible task: Prove that you’re not racist!!! Seriously?!? You can look into other peoples hearts and, despite the presence of plausible alternative motivations, spoken motivations, motivations consistent with their long held politcal beliefs, you know that they’re really racist.

This is the impasse I keep coming to: it is impossible to argue people out of assumptions, if they do not value facts.

You offer no facts. You offer opinions. You divine that another person’s knowledge of illegal immigrants is “perfunctory” despite the fact that they have said precious little to support such a conclusion, you must have truly exceptional intuition (I stand by my answer to your queston on that matter!). You mischaracterize quotes. You offer as proof that someone is racist the mere fact that they disagree with you politically on things such as medicaid. There’s that intuition again.

But this is not new. The left loudly called conservatives racist for resisting Obamacare. In their minds, the only rational reason conservatives could disagree with a black president is racism, the fact that they resisted Hillarycare and other forms of collectivism since the days of Woodrow Wilson means nothing to the left. For Obamacare, they’re just racist.

Facts indeed.

It matters little to me whether you get over your delusion that Republicans are racist. From a pure politcal sport point of view, it’s probably better for Republicans that you continue in your self deception. It’s one thing to use it as a political tactic, it’s quite another to believe it yourself. You are blind to the fact that your overused charge is, as it must, losing its effectivness. The public is growing weary.

Apparently we are not going to get anymore out of this, so I will honor my promise of a couple of days ago to give you the last word. It’s a pity that this couldn’t do this in person.

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