COVID-19 requires us to act

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The impacts of COVID-19 on our country have been dramatic. It has challenged us in ways we could not have imagined.

We are heading towards bringing the virus under control in our communities within the United States. Cases are trending downward or are flat. Vaccines are being administered as they become available. It is predicted that everyone who wants a shot will be able to have one by the end of May. We should be able to resume most of our economic activity that stalled during COVID by this summer.

All of this is good news. However, these developments will…

How leaders lead matters greatly to our world

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Leaders can struggle with a multitude of priorities. This can make decision-making difficult. Which stakeholder is more important? Which challenge should be tackled first? How should I work with my team?

Leaders must sort through all of these issues. One principle can help every leader better manage their efforts.

Valuing people helps leaders sort through the many problems that they will confront daily.

When we treat everyone with dignity, we set the stage for making the best decision in each moment. When we value others, we treat them with kindness and in a way that reflects how we want to…

It’s time to prepare to be vaccinated

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COVID-19 vaccinations are underway in our communities here in the United States. At-risk populations are receiving their first and second shots. Although it has not been easy to conduct large-scale vaccination efforts, we are making real progress. National, state, and local officials are hard at work daily to get everyone who is eligible scheduled for their shots and safely vaccinated.

Soon, the vaccine will become available for everyone who wants it. Will we be ready?

Never in our lifetimes have we witnessed such a global health risk. The last pandemic to have this kind of impact was in 1918. It…

Let your simple choices lead you to success

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Life is filled with simple and often mundane choices. Every day is filled with them. When we choose the right things, we begin to build a life of success. We make small, often simple, choices one at a time and they add up to our life.

Create a life philosophy that honors simple, everyday choices.

When you focus on the small things in front of you, you can make the choices necessary to live a better life. These mundane things involve helping others, taking care of yourself, and pursuing your dreams daily.

Lesson to Learn

Our simple, everyday choices define our lives. …

Psychological safety is very important to your happiness

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Safety is a constant theme in manufacturing companies. It is talked about repeatedly and displayed throughout the workspace in many conspicuous locations.

Physical protection from harm must always be a top priority for everyone. However, another kind of safety is equally important — psychological safety.

Psychological safety involves the ability to function at your highest capability while working.

It consists of a culture that promotes openness, learning, growth, and achievement. Safety means you can routinely communicate what is truly happening and get the support needed to be successful.

We need it now more than ever in this challenging, fast-paced, global…

Your Life Will Never Be The Same

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Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

The world will never be the same. COVID-19 and the resulting changes will be with us from now on.

It is time to better understand how these changes will affect the way we live and work.

Many of the technologies driving these changes were in place before the pandemic. However, the rapid change required by the pandemic has caused us to dive deep into what is offered by remote and digital technologies.

Our lives are different in three fundamental ways. We work differently, we live differently, and our expectations for the future have been radically altered.

Work will be decidedly different.

We will never work…

Successful people build great social networks

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Our work and lives are very complicated — and they become more so with every passing day.

This is why we need high-quality thinking partners to help us process our insights and efforts. Thinking partners are key to helping us understand the myriad of thoughts and events that flood our daily lives.

One of the best gifts to give yourself is the regular opportunity to work with thinking partners to process what is occurring and where you are going with your life.

So, who is a thinking partner? A thinking partner is someone who listens to you and offers you…

You must first accept your current situation

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Change is a funny thing.

Those who are best at it tend to accept who they are and where they are at a deep level.

The first step toward growth is to accept who and where you currently are.

Personal transformation is at the heart of all change at all levels. People must change for families, teams, organizations, communities, and countries to change.

The speed at which change happens is regulated by the will of individuals and groups to seek transformation.

Just like a map, knowing your starting location is essential to chart a path to the future. Once you…

Your buying behavior matters greatly

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Photo by Arthur Franklin on Unsplash

As we begin to recover, economic vitality and national security are at stake. We need to step up and buy from those who work and live near us. For me in New York State and the rest of our country, that means I need to attempt to buy local products.

For far too long, we told ourselves that where goods were made did not matter. We told ourselves that price was the only thing that mattered. Both of these statements are blatantly false. It matters a lot where something is manufactured or delivered.

Let’s start supporting products and services by…

Learn from your experiences

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Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

We are approaching a year into the COVID-19 crisis for many of us.

Like many other non-essential businesses, MACNY-The Manufacturers Association went into full-on virtual mode back in March 2019. Essential manufacturers changed operations so they could operate safely and continue to produce products. It was a massive undertaking. With speed and effectiveness, so much change occurred. Like many, I found a way to manage through it.

After particularly challenging situations, it pays to evaluate how you are doing.

It’s essential to take stock and dive a little deeper into what you are feeling and how you are coping, followed…

Randy Wolken

I write to educate and inspire. President & CEO of MACNY - The Manufacturers Association with over 300 company members in New York State. Visit

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