Where Don Draper ends, D.B. Cooper begins

We’ve seen the last of Don. Gave away his car, sitting at the crossroads, and he’s happy. He avoided the possibility of the fall out the window by noticing the loose window — and wondered in silence about the events that led to it.

Joan will call Peggy to lunch. She will give her $1000 or so, transition money for her being partnership in Joan’s new ad agency — she doesn’t get mad (legal action), she gets even (taking business away from Hobart). Joan says it’s ok to bring Stan, Freddie too.

Pete moves on.
We’ve seen the last of Betty as well.

Roger. The man has been the only person who has not gone through a significant personal transformation this whole time. Oh, he experimented, but what life lessons did he learn? He will look at Harry and say ‘everyone I care about it gone … I don’t care about anyone here … I don’t been Buick to be happy … and you think you’ll be a partner here? Never happen.’ Roger will realize Don has it right and walk out.

Harry will take that advice and the last line of the show might be ‘Get CBS on the phone.’

I’ve no idea about Ted.
I’d like to know Sal is doing ok.

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